Transformative Strategy Sprints

We run strategy transformation sprints. These are the very oxygen of a business if it has any intention of scaling to impactful success. Strategic planning is like breathing only you do it every quarter rather than every few seconds. Keeping it regular like clockwork will ensure a healthy happy business. If you have ever been told to work on your business rather than in your business, then this is it!

Pitch Production

They say first impressions matter and there is no doubt this is true. The more polished your pitch the better your chances of getting funding. Every pitch has certain needs, and it is important that you have practiced with those who can credibly challenge your assumptions. Our team includes those who have significant experience in venture capital and after a few rounds with us you should be pitch perfect with all the tricks of the trade
in your back pocket.

Financial planning

Being credible financially is essential to a credible proposition. We would argue a logical and well modelled financial deck will add credibility to any funding round. Our work on your deck may in fact be what it takes to get funding over the line or perhaps add £1m+ to any value. With experience of modelling businesses that have become multibillion successes our team add both kudos and credibility to your proposition.

Non-Executive recruitment/Agents of Change

An Agent of Change is a key individual that adds significant weight to your current mindset and as a result accelerates your learning, growth and increases the potential of your future valuation. The Agent of Change supports industry insight and helps you set realistic and achievable targets that you can build on as your company develops.

Executive Recruitment.
Tranche planning.
Technology Support.
Business Services Support.
Commercial Strategy, Planning and Execution.
Intellectual Property Strategy.
Grant & Innovation Funding Strategy.

Be Part Of The Change
For more information email: info@thechange.vc an agent of change will get back to you.