The Change Intellectual Property is a Venture Catalyst firm. The firm supplies transformation services that will be a catalyst for Orbit shifting change within your business. We invest time in businesses that can benefit from our input in return for equity and or consultancy payments.

From our finding most if not all new businesses can benefit from bringing the right expertise to bare on their commercial and technical challenges, through the application of tools we can unlock new opportunity for your business whether that be client opportunities, funding, financial acumen, technology support or governance support. In most cases we take equity in return for our time within new businesses given often new businesses are not in the commercial position to pay for services.

Existing businesses can also face road blocks or have aspirations for something greater than you have achieved to date. In this case we find that a mix focused on consultancy is often preferred.

In both cases we are open to discussion on the form that incentivisation will take.

As required we have a number of options to provide secondary support through one of our sister organisations. Through The Change Venture Capital Limited we can provide venture funding. Through The Change Intellectual Property Limited we can provide Innovation Funding which supports our clients in unlocking non dilutive, non debt funding in order to enable funding for transformative projects moving forward.

This form is specifically designed to enable businesses to apply to us for the deployment of our time and expertise on your problem. Please fill it in as accurately as possible and we shall get back to you to discuss next steps as appropriate.

We receive a large number of applications for support so we would ask if you are not successful at this juncture we wish you all the best in your entrepreneurial journey and hope you find the right team to support you on your way:

  • Background and Contact Information

  • Find your SIC code by visiting this page
  • Stage of your organisation and financials

  • How you will renumerate us

  • Your Leadership

  • We supply agents of change to enhance and support your leadership, we need some information to identify who that might be.
    If you had to define them what are your core skills, strengths and weaknesses that make you the right person for this journey?
  • Our Support (Optional to complete at this stage)

  • The support The Change can apply is diverse and we want to ensure the best fit for you possible.

    • Support “The Change” can supply includes:
    • Coaching, Mentoring, Mindset
    • Interim Roll Filling
    • Executive and Staff recruitmentand selection
    • Process Establishment & Management
    • People management
    • Recruitment of an “Agent of Change” and Non Executive Board
    • Strategy & Project Ownership & Management
    • Intellectual Property Identification, Filing and Management
    • Financial Management & Modelling
    • Risk Analysis, Registration, & Management
    • Pitch Readiness
    • Role Identification & KPIs
    • Product Market fit
    • Innovation Funding
    • SEIS & EIS registration (Not charged)
    • Capital Investment

    Our services will be tailored on your behalf to your organisation as part of a transformation project which will normally last between 18 months – 36 months.

    As part of this process it is critical that we identify the key areas of need within your organisation specifying the products and services that you require from the above list and identifying how they might be applied.

  • If you are unsure exactly what elements of transformation may be useful the below questions may support clearer thinking:
    What is your teams core strength as a group (If you are a group)? What are your weaknesses?

    1. What is each member of your teams core strength as a set of individuals? What are your individual weaknesses?
    2. What are the key gaps in your team? What do you know that you do not know?
    3. If you had to select one element / sub element of your businesses targets that you could delegate to a third party eg The Change what might it be?
    4. How receptive are you to coaching and feedback? Have you ignored advice in the past and wish you hadn’t?
    5. If you could have anyone allocated as an Agent of Change to support you in the governance of your business who would that Agent of Change be? What would their role be in your organisation? Are there specific tasks you would like them to carry out?
    6. If you had to identify an advisory board who would that include, and what skills and input would this board have amongst it?
    7. If you had to define key gaps in your team compared to the team that will achieve the stage 4 outcomes you are aiming for. What might those be?
    8. What do you feel you lack most knowledge of? Where would you benefit most from coaching, mentorship and training? What might you not know that you do not know? Based on your teams current skills and attitudes?
    9. Is there any Intellectual property you have in mind that you feel could add value to your company? Would a patent or company secret be most appropriate in this regard?
    10. What do you think is the most important thing to the early stages of your business? Are there gaps in your delivery of the same?
    11. As your business grows what do you think will be the most important factor in the late stage of your business? What resources could help you get there?
    12. What are your USPs in contested market space “Red Ocean?”
    13. What would you like your USPs to be in a “blue Ocean,” uncontested market space?
    14. If you had a small additional budget what might you first spend it on?
    15. Have you any experience of Innovation funding or R&D Tax credits?
    16. Have you any previous financial modelling experience?

Be Part Of The Change
For more information email: an agent of change will get back to you.